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Detection and characterization of highly pathogenic bacteria – pracitcal exercises

Biological Threats Identification and Countermeasure Center of Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology was participated in the practical exercises “Detection and characterization of highly pathogenic bacteria” as part of the UNSGM RefBio project organized by the Robert Koch Institute in Germany. The samples obtained were correctly identified and characterized in accordance with the applicable requirements and standards.

Robert Koch Certificate

Robert Koch Certificate

“CBRN Security Manager” Study

21“CBRN Security Manager” studies are aimed at persons involved in CBRN-related internal security activities, mainly officers of the Police, State Fire Brigade, Border Guard, Government Protection Bureau and other Institutions or Organisations involved in combating these kinds of
threats. All costs (participation, travels and accommodation with meals) will be covered by the organisers from the project funds. Recruitment will be open to candidates who fulfil the admission requirements. Study will start in October 2017. All information as well as recruitment procedure are available on the project website:

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