Investigations of the action of aerosols produced, for example, from disinfectants on bacteria. Research on bacterial aerosols.

Personel naukowy i pomocniczy:

  • Grzegorz GRANIAK, PhD – adjunct professor, Bioaerosols Department Manager
    Phone +48 261 519 837 e-mail: Grzegorz.Graniak(at)
  • Capt Bożena Wlizło-Skowronek, Msc, – graduate assistant
    Phone +48 261 519 837 e-mail: Bozena.Wlizlo-Skowronek(at)
  • Paweł RUTYNA, Msc – graduate assistant
    Phone +48 261 519 837 e-mail: Pawel.Rutyna(at)


Bioaerosols Department consist Sequencing Laboratory (BSL 2) and BSL-2 Laboratories under development to BSL-3. It is equipment with the most modern equipments: 2 aerosols chamber (III level), MiSeq, CORIOLIS®RECON and other auxiliary devices.